Tips and Tricks for Balancing
Business and Creative

By Jordan

The biggest hardship of the creative process is balancing between creativity and business impact. As a creative, you want to make sure that you maintain your creative integrity while also finding a way to make money.

In this blog our CEO Jordan shares her advice on how to navigate this delicate line to help our clients, employees, and our business be successful creatives in an ever changing dynamic economy.
Here are some tips and tricks that she’s developed along the way:

First, it's important to stay focused on your creative mission. You need to stay true to your own vision and not get distracted by other projects or opportunities. The hustle is a hustle and bills aren’t paid with hopes and dreams, so make sure that you always keep your big picture vision in the back of your mind.

Second, it's important to create

Third, it's important to understand the financial side of running a creative business. You need to understand your costs, be able to track your income and expenses, and have a plan for managing your money. Most creatives and artists don’t like to think about math, but the numbers and knowing your monthly operating costs are the difference between passion and a business.

Ok… Now for the ***creative part***. This blog could be a book, but there are two main tips that I incorporate on a weekly basis.

First, remember to PLAY. When running a business, the to do lists are endless and deadlines are stressful. Finding hobbies and activities that bring you joy will help your creative flow tenfold. Make time to play and enjoy life outside of work.

Second, creativity takes space so I came up with a simple way to organize my week: Yin and Yang days. Yin and Yang are ancient Chinese philosophical concepts that describe the two complementary forces of the universe. Yin is gentle and receptive, while Yang is dynamic and active. In other words, Yin is the feminine, creative principle and Yang is the masculine, logical principle. In other words, my yin days are unstructured and yang days are very active and scheduled. For example, Monday through Wednesday are Yang days. I schedule all of my meetings at the beginning of the week. Thursday and Friday are my Yin days. These days I leave open so I have time and space to think and create. Incorporating Yin and Yang into your daily life creates a balance between creative and logical, masculine and feminine, and active and receptive energies.

Running a business and staying creative often work both sides of my brain. These tips and tricks are just a few of the things I use to keep everything moving. I hope they can be useful to you as well!

What tips do you have to help with walking this line?

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