October 2022

“I love the feeling when I can boost the confidence of someone who doesn’t feel so photogenic.”

– Brad

Welcome to the October edition of the flipbirdfilms newsletter. In this month’s Meet the Creators podcast we feature Chris Martin. Chris Martin is a multi-hyphenated artist whom we’ve collaborated with in the past for Van’s Black History month spotlight entitled S.O.S. In this episode, we discuss Chris’ most recent work ‘Ancient As Time” at ICA SF. Subscribe to our podcast or check out the interview on youtube. 

In this month’s flock member spotlight we highlight the magic that Brad Ancheta has brought to our crew. Starting out as an intern with a whole lot of drive and curiosity, Brad has leveled up and developed as a huge pillar to flipbird. Check out our blog to learn more about Brad’s journey as a budding cinematographer and photographer.

Spreading the love for art and cinematography is part of flipbirdfilms culture and values. If you know anyone who is interested in interning with flipbirdfilms, please contact us and send a referral.

Crew Spotlight



My name is Brad Ancheta, I am a photographer and a videographer. I was born and raised in Hayward, Ca. I enjoy working on cars, spending time with friends and family, and fishing during my down time.

Three words that describe yourself?




What motivates you to create?

When I’m working and editing from home, I like to take some time to clean up my room and workspace while listening to music first. This usually gets me into the mode for a work session.

I also enjoy being around other creatives, I draw a lot of inspiration from Youtube. You can learn anything on Youtube and I love gaining knowledge from others in the community. I also have some aspirations to create my own Youtube channel revolving around my career as a videographer and a photographer.

Your inspiration?

I enjoy exchanging ideas and catching conversations with different folks in the industry. I love talking about cars, photos, sneakers, music, and fashion.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

My brother is actually a huge influence on my life. Growing up, I watched him do so many cool things that he took extra time to teach me. He had a certain style and aesthetic when it came to his photography, graffiti, music, djing and emceeing. He started his own brand called Classick and also operates a sneaker restoration business.

Every year he throws his Classick Sleigh Ride charity event which is a car show and toy drive. My brother hosted and emceed the event. I felt proud and captivated by the way he entertained the crowd. I took a bunch of photos for the event which gave me more confidence to pursue photography professionally.

Any projects coming up?

I'm currently working heavily with Flipbird Films. I edit all of the Meet the Creators podcasts episodes and help out with the marketing content. I’m focused on gaining as much experience on set with the crew as a photographer, camera operator and grip. I'm looking forward to learning how to produce and I hope to eventually direct my own creative piece.

In terms of passion projects, I’m planning to do a few traveling blog videos for my upcoming trips to New York and Mexico.

Tell me about your favorite medium.

My favorite medium is photography. I love taking photos to capture and preserve a moment in time. I believe everyone has a unique eye and perspective. I also enjoy photography as it gives me the opportunity to connect with my subjects. I love the feeling when I can boost the confidence of someone who doesn’t feel so photogenic.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I have so many hobbies, but one notable and recent hobby is fishing. It has been a huge stress reliever and something I developed more love for during the pandemic. I’ve also always enjoyed skateboarding, collecting shoes, djing, and playing the guitar.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It’s honestly something I should think about more, but I certainly would like to get married and start a family and have my own house. I also would like to become more established as a cinematographer, producer, photographer, and storyteller.

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