J Dilla Music Mural Tech Grant

We had the chance to capture the unveiling of the wonderful J Dilla mural at June Jordan High School with MaDukes in attendance, the mother of the legendary producer. She embraced her sons legacy and connected with the students who are part of the J Dilla Music Tech Grant.

The Save The Music J Dilla Music Tech Grant aims to teach and empower kids to create electronic music production. June Jordan High School, located in the Excelsior district of San Francisco, is the perfect place for the program. The school is highly diverse, with students actively resisting the gentrification of their city and neighborhoods. Finding and developing one's identity at a young age can be a challenge, and this program, instructed by Mandeep Sethi, provides students with the opportunity to create and express themselves through music and special guest instructors.

Being life long hip-hop fans, it was an honor for us at Flipbirdfilms to document this moment of history and celebration of J Dilla's legacy. The energy in the space was warm and uplifting. There was a special ceremony with speeches and musical performances from former and current students of the program. MaDukes was actively bobbing her head and sharing energy with everyone on the stage. One can only imagine what kind of blessings and empowerment she must have given her son J Dilla when he was making music at a young age.

After the ceremony, MaDukes spent time with each of the students who wanted to talk to her. Her heart was open and she never stopped smiling.

As a bonus, Mandeep Sethi asked us if we wanted to interview MaDukes. Fortunately, we always have a few pieces of audio gear with us, so we said yes and set up an impromptu interview with her.

Interviewing Madukes was something special. She has a true passion for everyone around her and hopes the next generation will have the courage to share their creations with the world. Here's a recap video of the special day.

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