Engineering Space

We are super excited to share something we've been developing for the past few years with Wevolver and Green Run Productions! Drum roll please 🎵🎶...

Introducing... Engineering Space!

Engineering Space is an in-depth documentary series that unveils a new generation of space technologies and highlights the engineers and innovative companies developing them.

Democratizing access to space is being lead by a new wave of engineers and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to enable our audience to understand the cutting edge, be inspired, and discover practical insights to apply to your own engineering endeavors.

From the Director:

Two years ago Cormac came to me with a crazy idea and said, “Let’s make a space series… I just met this super cool guy, Bram, who started this platform for engineers (

”I said uhhh Space, why? Why go to Space when there’s so many problems here on Earth! Also, it seems like it’s just another playground for the billionaires.

After much debate, I learned why exploring Space is not only necessary, but also very instrumental in humanity’s survival and evolution. I also learned that a lot of the technology developed for Space ends up improving our lives here on Earth. For the past two years, Bram, Cormac, and I put our minds together to create something that will make Space more accessible to everyone while highlighting the engineers and companies that are making this possible and thus Engineering Space was born.

I’m really happy with how this first episode came out. With anything that goes from idea to manifestation, the learning curve has been sharp, but excited to apply what we’ve discovered to the next episode! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and hopefully you enjoy the episode as well!

- Jordan

A sneak peak behind the scenes:

The crew traveled to Pittsburgh last April to film at Astrobotic. We didn't know much about the city, but we instantly fell in love with its charm. The people were nice, the food was yummy, and the espresso martinis were strong! We even got to visit the Andy Warhol museum on our day off!


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