This episode we will talk about the importance of documentation. This includes both the small and grand events that happen in your life. Being a good documentator in whatever medium you like the most is essential for capturing your moments to re-live and revisit as you please. Here are some learnings:

There are many different types of mediums you can use, 
- some people like to paint
- others like to take pictures
- we clearly like cinema so video themes will be apparent here
- even capturing on whatever device you have is good enough.

In a digitally-saturated world we live in, it is important to document the story behind each photo. Story is a really vague word, but it is more about including a sense of human touch. This could be emotions in people’s faces in your medium, or the colors of the scene could also invoke emotion into your audience.

Style style style! Watch a lot of movies, go to an art museum, notice some stickers on the street. Figure out what sticks out to you and replicate it. You will go through some phases, others will stick. Change it to your liking until it “feels” good to you. Rinse and repeat and you’ll have this muscle working subconsiously in no time. Think of it as the filter between the ideas in your mind, and what you create. You will have your own unique style, embrace it.

But most importantly, give yourself grace to miss moments. These moments are ultimately brought before you to enjoy. So enjoy them! Your memory will serve when you are ready to create. Care about the quality of content you create. The amount of care you have toward your work translates directly into the quality of your output.  Peace out!